Saturday, June 4, 2011

An ordinary couple

We are just an ordinary couple, living in an ordinary house with the ordinay challenges.  But we have experienced some extraordinary travel adventures in our 26 years of marriage and this blog will be my platform to share them. 

How did I come up with the tag of "ordinary couple"?  It derives from a wonderful dinner experience in Rome.  We were hungry and jet lagged after a day of sightseeing and found ourselves standing on a street corner studying the map.  We had that obvious tourist look of "where are we and how do we get back?".  Suddenly a man was standing next to us and he animatedly asked, "Are you looking for my restaurant?"  We turned in utter surprise then chuckled at his exuberant smile.  "Sure", we said, opting to play along. We were starving after all, and who can navigate foreign streets on an empty stomach?  He led us to what was to be a gastromical delight - truly the most delicious dinner I had ever experienced with an attentive waiter who spoke fantastic english.  As he served us course after course, we got to know Roberto and found him quite charming.  "What are your names?" he asked with a flourish as he refilled our wine glasses. "Tom and Sandy"  we pleasantly answered.  Roberto's expression changed as he pondered this information, then with a slight sigh he said, "Such ordinary names."  As he left the table we turned to each other and burst into laughter - he was right!  We are an ordinary couple, with ordinary names but extraordinary adventures to share.

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